Couples Therapy

Improve Communication/Feel More Connected/Create Shared Goals/Heal From Infidelity/Learn to Argue Effectively/Love Each Other More Deeply

My therapy work with couples is dynamic and engaging.  I welcome couples working on all types of issues, and I also have particular experience with couples who are pregnant, trying to conceive or adopt, or who already have a baby or child. I offer married couples therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy.


Couples come to therapy for many different reasons - to work through a difficult time, to learn better communication, to prepare for a long-term committed relationship or marriage, or sometimes even to consider whether they should stay together or separate.  I work with couples in a way that considers each individual as well as the process that happens between them.  I work to address practical issues and concerns, as well as deeper issues like intimacy and past wounds. With couples therepy you can improve your communication and feel the connection again. I will help you set your goals for the future and then help make sure you reach them. Couples therapy can help you get past infidelity and begin again. I can help you learn to argue effectively and fairly, unlearning the bad habits and establishing new patterns.



Some other areas of potential focus are:



Life Changes - relocation, move, baby, death of a friend/family member

Financial Issues

Sex and Intimacy

Decision-making difficulties

Anger and resentment

Parenting concerns

Extended family conflicts

As with individuals, I encourage all couples considering therapy to come in for a first session to assess together whether we would be a good fit for each other. Contact me via email or phone and lets get you feeling a lot better shortly thereafter.

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