Trauma, Loss and EMDR

Resolve Past Traumas/End the Nightmares/Improve Relationships/Improve Focus and Clarity/Learn How Trauma Impacts your Brain and your Life/Break Through Barriers


Trauma or loss, either in the past or recent, can impact many areas of one's life, from physical manifestations to ability to perform at work or school, to relationship difficulties with loved one. Therapy can help one to grieve the loss and regain a new sense of normalcy.


I am also a Certified EMDR therapist. EMDR is a particular type of therapy this is proven to be immensely helpful with trauma and loss. You can read more about it at




Trauma/Loss can include:





Death of a Loved One


Sexual Abuse - childhood or recent

Accidents - car, natural disaster, etc.

Loss of pregnancy

Loss of relationship

Loss of home, job, physical ability

Incarceration of loved one


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