Individual Therapy

Feel Happier/Have Better Relationships/Achieve Goals/Balance Work , Life, Family/Break Free From Your Past/Heal


I work with a diverse clientele, all with different backgrounds and goals.  I work from a relational style which means that the relationship that occurs between each client and myself is seen as a valuable tool for understanding and insight.  From this style, then, it makes sense that the deeper the relationship grows, the more insight that can develop.


I am also aware that at times certain issues and problems require immediate solutions and trouble-shooting.  My style incorporates this type of "problem-solving" along with a deeper understanding of the situation and what it may be representing.  In essence, I believe that therapy is unique to each individual and my goal is to take each person's needs and desires as the beacon of our work together.




Some of the particular issues I can help with are:


Childhood Trauma

Relationship and Intimacy Issues


Career Issues

Parenting Issues and Anxieties

Changes Stemming from New Parenthood


Financial Issues

Food / Body Issues

Life Transitions and Decisions


Anger and Rage

Spirituality Concerns


I encourage all individuals considering therapy to come in for an initial session to determine how we might work together to achieve your goals.  I offer both day and evening appointments.

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